Be the Observer of Yourself


I’ve very much become a keen observer of myself – a necessary requirement as a student of the Master Key experience.  Being the observer of one’s self has helped me to appreciate how much I have grown within the last few years to this point in time.

Today I begin a new life

This has been the second year of my return to the Master Key course, and as I read the first scroll  of the Greatest Salesman in the world with fresh eyes.  I became aware I’ve made the conscious decision to commit and continue upon my journey to self discovery, shedding the old skin to reveal the new me.

Believe me when I say, there have been good days and bad days. However, the good thing is I can pick myself up and continue on my journey with the tools provided.  Past experience has shown, I would unconsciously beat myself up, not realising, how this has played out in my personal and work life.

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I will greet this day with love in my heart

I’ve observed how worthwhile it has been to look at situations and events, with new hope, perception and clarity, noting how nothing happens by chance, and that love is the greatest weapon against all manner of overwhelming challenges.

Calm your mindThe importance of self acceptance, self worth, self love is the key to dissolving the barriers to your heart, due to past pain, which then opens the door to opportunities in life.  The bottom line is as I continue work on letting go of all the ‘stuff’  that has held me back, and  love all that arises from within, I now  come from a place of peace and calm.

This is not to say there are encounters of momentarily relapses and taken off guard when triggered by people or situations.  An indicator of where an aspect of myself requires healing and release.

I will persist until I succeed

I have totally resonated with the scroll of persistence as I call it, noting how we can lose our way in the midst of challenges.  Taking into consideration every moment is a brand new start, to start afresh.

Being the observer of myself I’ve been amazed and loved the subtle effect and changes these tools and exercises  have aided and  supported me to kick to the curb the old blue print.

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Theresa Newell - June 14, 2016

I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing.

Jean - June 16, 2016

Hi, Julie. Thanks for your visit to my place. I’m happy to return the favor and see what you have to say. I’m glad to see you still posting.

Liane Hack - June 17, 2016

You persist and you succeed. It’s the only way to go. Great post Julie.


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