“ Choice is a divine teacher, for when we choose we learn that nothing is ever put in our path without a reason.”  ― Iyanla Vanzant


The last few weeks has been an intense period of trials and tribulations, a time to step back and observe what I was being shown by the universe, and the struggle I felt  within me as  yet another situation reared its ugly head once again.

rollercoasterI noted there seemed to be a pattern like the cyclical arrival of the funfair at the local park with the infamous rollercoaster and other wild rides waiting to cause mayhem and upheaval of emotions.  A medley of emotions came to the forefront as I thought to myself ‘here we go again’.  The thing is I’ve always sensed when something was not right.  No-one had to say anything!



However, from what I have read and listened to in terms of spiritual blogs, telesummits, webinars and conversations with my spiritual mentor, we are all going through a period where everyone is given the opportunity to release old habits, behaviours, stuck emotions and energy whether they are conscious or unconscious of what is currently coming up for each and everyone to deal with.

lights camera action

It was as if the universe was sending the script of this movie to be rewritten, for the actors within to ‘up their game’ their acting skills to be honed – to eliminate the rough edges in mind, body and spirit so that finally this movie could be released with a happy ending and to the satisfaction of the combined efforts of the creators/directors.


What came to mind was that all round lessons needed to be learnt, but it was whether the actors of the movie were willing to take on board those lessons.  Whether they were willing to come out of the drama of blame, distrust, defensiveness and belligerence, whether they were willing to stop casting aspersions upon one another – the aspersions thrown being reflections of what was actually going on within themselves , not knowing their inner children were vying and jostling for their attention – creating the scenarios.

Finally, whether they were willing to take responsibility for their behaviour/ actions and have the courage to look within and see their own inner turmoil was creating the chaos in their reality.  Knowing that the more they ignored their inner world the more intense the outer world will become.

What I’d also realised as difficult as it was for me to acknowledge, I was being shown this was not my fight.  As much as I could see what each individual were being taught, it was not my place to intervene, it was not my place to take away their spiritual lesson for their own spiritual growth. They needed to see the lesson for themselves.

I acknowledge my lesson was to detach myself from the whole situation, to be the compassionate observer, to forgive myself, when my emotions got the better of me, taking into account as always, I was being triggered to release, as was everyone else involved, the scenarios were being played out for that very reason.

The funny thing is I became very much aware of the fact when I felt I was being drawn in – feeling I was taking two steps backwards and half an inch forward, but quickly recognising this was all part of the progression of my journey.

It’s the realisation that everyone are at different stages of consciousness within their own journey and will only take on board the lessons relevant to where they are at – a fact reiterated by Abraham Hicks and many of the spiritual teachers.


Quite frankly, in addition,  it boils down to choices, the choice to stand your ground and put into place clear boundary lines  – your inner child is looking to you for love and protection, to know that you’ve got his or her back.

The choice to walk away from those who are resistant to looking at their behaviour and can only project their wounded self onto others  –  to walk away is to honour  your inner child, as it would be futile to continue to challenge, the resulting factor is that you lower your energy/vibration to their level.

The choice to look at the dark side within and acknowledge, accept and love that part of yourself.

The choice to forgive yourself and those involved – in order to experience peace and calm.

The choice to become the detached, compassionate observer – not always easy at times!

The choice to not focus on the issue as focusing only expands the situation.

The choice is to just let go.

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