Listen to the truth of your heart


Over the past few weeks as I went about my daily life, I became very much aware of friends and acquaintances alike all experiencing overwhelming challenges. The general theme throughout, to let go of all that no longer made them happy, to move forward and follow their heart’s desire.

The conversations that ensued advised of grounding, feeling the earth with bare feet, to sit in the garden or the local park and connect to nature, releasing all pent up frustrations, anxieties and worries.

On a personal note I’d been making more use of my own space in my garden, particularly when feeling low, noticing the smells, the sounds, the colours, appreciating the sights of different species of birds – the robin, the magpies, seagulls and many more, purposely feeling the earth with my bare feet, taking into consideration how truly grateful and humbled I felt to be able to enjoy the surroundings.

Compost your negative thoughts

As I listened to the most recent monthly Master Key Webinar, I noted Mark’s words – he considered this webcast to be a critical one, particularly if we’d slipped with our readings, exercises and sits.  I certainly felt this was so and as I continued to listen I understood why.

compostI was in awe, as I heard the words of Mark as he too spoke of connecting to mother earth. To release those negative emotions within our selves, and let the earth recycle these emotions into positive energy.

In his words – “Utilise the strength and power of the earth to absorb what we no longer need and compost our negative thoughts.  Let your old thought patterns die, welcome and witness their death…..”

“Release the negativity into the ground as it turns into energy to replenish the earth.  The earth does not care or judge it.  Give the earth our ‘stuff’ …..”

I totally resonated to what I was hearing, another sign given, when doubting myself, as to whether I was on the right path, a synchronistic sign that yes I am to have faith and believe.

Listen to the truth of your heart

In my numerous conversations with my spiritual mentor and great friend, we’d often spoken of opening our hearts to integrate the fragmented aspects of our inner child. In previous blogs, I’d mentioned releasing the energy blocks of past pain and hurt to break down the barriers surrounding our hearts.  As we do so, we are able to connect to the creativity, the passion and hear our true desires.  To enable us to move forward and create what we so richly deserve.

So if you can imagine the jaw dropping look on my face when I heard Mark pound out “listen to the truth of your heart”.

Listen to your heart words

“Are you denying the call to greatness when you do not listen to your heart?”

The following questions came to my mind and I wondered how many others asked of themselves the very same questions

Have you thought about your next step in life?

Do you feel you are letting life pass you by because you have closed your heart to your desires, your passion and your dreams?

If this resonates with you, what do you intend to do?  Will you act?

Feel free to answer the call

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Liane - June 23, 2016

Julie, I can totally understand what you are feeling and writing about. We are so busy listening to everybody else that we forget to listen to out heart. Great post.


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