Man in the Mirror

I have had many a reflective moment particularly when I’ve heard or seen something whether it be from TV, a bill poster or a song.  In this instance it was the words of the song by Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror.  I love this song, I love the melody, the way it changes my mood to a happy reflective state.  It brought back lovely memories of when I was learning to play this particular song with my family on steel pan.    However, this time, it was as if the words stood out loud and clear as if I was meant to hear their  true meaning.

As I listened it brought me back to everything I’d been learning about being the self directed thinker, bringing about the change in one’s self, as we change ourselves we change our world.  I thought to myself how powerful that was.  Knowing that when we become aware of what no longer serves us, in respect to our beliefs, behaviour and our mindset we are in a much better position to help our fellow man.

I’m sure many of you like myself have found it difficult to look in the mirror at our bodies, and how critical we are regarding our weight, our looks, beating ourselves up because we have not achieved our goals or our potential, not consciously aware we are putting ourselves down, how we are not loving ourselves exactly for who we are.  How difficult we found it to actually face ourselves in the mirror and say I love you.  To actually recognise that we should celebrate our uniqueness, and how boring the world would be if we were all the same, as someone said to me the other day ‘one size does not fit all’.

You can't change what's going on

So, you can imagine there are days when I feel life is flowing along and I’m happy with myself and there are days when I feel I am driving a digger on a path scattered with concrete debris and I’m working hard to shift the debris out of the way so I can continue on my journey – the journey to being my authentic self.  

What I am absolutely loving, is the fact that as I clear away the debris, and let go and go with the flow everything seems to be falling into place.   Yes, I am still working on achieving my goals but I firmly believe all things in divine order and timing.

“Thoughts of courage, power and inspiration will eventually take root and as this takes place, you will see life in a new light. Life will have a new meaning for you.  You will be reconstructed and filled with joy, confidence, hope and energy!  You will see opportunities to which you were heretofore blind. You will recognize possibilities that before had no meaning for you. The thoughts with which you have been impregnated are radiated to those around you and they in turn help you onward and upward. You attract to yourself new associates and this in turn changes your environment. By the simple exercise of thought, you change not only yourself, but your environment, circumstances and conditions”.     Charles Haanel  27.25


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