Week 5 – Revelations

I’m not afraid to admit this has been a really tough week for me emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The exercise of not stating my opinion I found very challenging indeed, especially when my granddaughter came to me for advice and I will be honest and state that I failed miserably. I never realised how much I had been controlled by my ego.  It was so interesting, observing myself, when I caught myself struggling to converse in such a way that was not coming from my ego self. It was difficult to the point I ended up saying very little or uh huh, uhmmm, ok, or no comment because I could not think of anything else to say. I really did get odd looks from all who wanted to have a chat with me.

On another level I happened across a teleseminar discussing ancestral clearing I thought how interesting and listened in.  I was totally amazed by what I heard as it discussed exactly what I had been reading in the Master Keys paragraph 4,5 and 6.

“4. The mind, which pervades the body, is largely the result of heredity, which, in turn, is simply the result of all the environments of all past generations on the responsive and ever-moving life forces. An understanding of this fact will enable us to use our authority when we find some undesirable trait of character manifesting.”

  1. We can consciously use all the desirable characteristics with which we have been provided and we can repress and refuse to allow the undesirable ones to manifest.

6. Again, this mind which pervades our physical body is not only the result of hereditary tendencies, but is the result of home, business and social environment, where countless thousands of impressions, ideas, prejudices and similar thoughts have been received. Much of this has been received from others, the result of opinions, suggestions or statements; much of it is the result of our own thinking, but nearly all of it has been accepted with little or no examination or consideration.”

This as well as conversations with my friend and spiritual mentor and reflecting on my life triggered off, I suppose I would say, an emotional meltdown.  The floodgates opened and I realised that the programmes, beliefs, values (the negative and positives) from my parents, and generations before them had shaped who I had become today and how these programmes I had ‘accepted with little or no examination or consideration’.

This was a real ‘biggy’ a revelation for me and as the tears flowed I saw within my mind’s eye my movie of all the past hurts, memories of experiences which had affected my relationships with my family, friends, my children and as this movie played across my mind I connected  the dots to particular scenes. Realisation dawned on me the effect that these past scenes had played their role as to how I behaved and dealt/reacted to past scenarios and how it affected the present.  These scenes highlighted the parts of myself that no longer served me.  I had no idea how much I had repressed my emotions.  It is now time to let go. This was indeed a revelation – I just wanted to share.

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kathyseys - November 1, 2014

Wow. What a week you had. Good for you letting go of the past. A hard and emotional thing to do. Pat yourself on the back for observing and responding. Kudos! !!!!!

brianhowardsmasterkey - November 1, 2014

Thank you for your honesty. I needed to read.

    julieebanksttg - November 1, 2014

    Thanks Brian, it was a bit of a shock I did not realise how much we tend to repress our emotions.

    julieebanksttg - November 1, 2014

    You are welcome Brian. It has been a quite painful and challenging week. I do feel freer for opening up and if this has helped anyone. I am happy. Have a great weekend.

Cheryl A's - Master Key - November 1, 2014

I am so happy to be on this MKMMA journey together Mum and thank you for sharing in this blog and personally with me this week. Much love Cxx

Jlaudenslager (@johnlmkmma) - November 1, 2014


This is exactly what this course does for you. It provides clarity, focus and renewal. I have gone through the same experiences and at times it seems like a balck hole when it really is a lighted tunnel.

Kudos to you for the recognition and ovservations.


julieebanksttg - November 1, 2014

Loving it too. Thank you and Bless you. Mum xx

Joseph Wesley - November 5, 2014


¡ Namaste ! 🙂 Stacie & I Hope You Are Having A Loving, Blessed, Happy, Healthy, And Prosper-Us Day…

! BRAVO and Three Cheers on your “Water-Shed” { as in Tears Shed } experiences this Week. !

Dare i venture to state that you will soon in due Time find that this Past Week was one of your Weeks of GREATEST Personal Growth in your Young Life.

Here, Here And Hip Hip Hooray for your GROWTH with the Aid of our #MKMMA.

Looking forward to more posts.

Love Well, Live Long, And Prosper-Us,
With Love,
i Truly Re-Main,


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