Press Release

Local Successful MLM Business Entrepreneur sets up Spiritual Spa Centre in Pinner

Martyn Lewis, TV presenter and Journalist

Here I am sitting in the home of successful MLM business woman and spiritual advisor Julie Ebanks

We are sitting in the drawing room overlooking 1 to 2 acres of beautiful landscaped grounds in her home situated in Pinner.   The room is tastefully decorated entwining a twist of classic and contemporary style in hues of pale shades of yellows, creams and gold. We are drinking coffee enjoying the summer breeze and listening to the faint sounds of lovely music coming from the spiritual centre in the grounds of this beautiful property.

As we look out into the garden by the French windows before our interview sitting across the coffee table from me, I see an attractive woman dressed in a lovely royal blue dress which complemented her dark skin and suited her svelte figure.  There is an aura of self confidence and warmth she has an incredible laugh which indicated a mischievous side to her nature.  Julie is married, has two daughters – one of which is also in the same field of MLM and four grandchildren whom she absolutely adores.

I’m here to talk about the journey of success Julie has experienced in the world of network marketing and how she conquered the challenges she faced to achieve her dreams.  The company she works alongside I know very well as I had previously interviewed the company’s Managing Director and Advisory Board Doctor.


I ask ‘How did you achieve your success in MLM ?’ ‘Well – where do I start,’ I say at the beginning’. She laughs.

She says ‘I have always wanted to be a successful person in my own right and to first of leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren, and secondly, I wanted to inspire others to achieve their dreams. I had my children at a young age, but that did not deter me from wanting to achieve a better life for myself and my girls.

I studied and gained my Honours Business Studies degree and achieved qualifications in Personnel.  At the time of completing my degree – early 90’s, there was a recession and opportunities to enter the field of Human Resources were few and far between as well as competing against thousands of graduates. Most of the students I graduated with ended up in the retail sector and I found opportunities within organisations in a temping capacity as a PA/Office Manager due to my previous background as a secretary.

To cut a long story short I realised this was not what I wanted to do and this served me only to pay the bills.   However, I did not know what I wanted to do and spent several years basically on automatic pilot.  I became demoralised and at a loss as to how to change my lot.  I spent time attending various personal development courses/training seminars in my quest to determine my niche.

I love helping other people – hence the reason why I wanted to work in Human Resources.  For me it was about employee welfare and training.  When I finally found my ‘supposed’ dream job in HR I became totally disillusioned. It was nothing like I envisaged, it was massaging employee figures and paper pushing.  The field had evolved from caring about people to caring about numbers with the exception of a few companies I worked for.

There followed several years of severe personal challenges involving my health,  work, family  relationships, the declining health of my mother  which culminated in her death and the disconnection from my siblings and father.   To say the least it was one of the most awful periods of my life which ‘knocked my confidence for six’ and I retreated into myself.  In my darkest hours there were times when I wanted to disappear.  I kept going because of my children.

I was introduced to a MLM company via my daughters – a company as you know, called Forever Living which expressed the ethics and values that I totally resonated with.  It was helping yourself by helping others to achieve their dreams.  Wow what a fantastic concept.

Julie paused for a while as if contemplating what this meant for her.

Discovery of MLM

She states – initially, when I joined the MLM Company I was working full time and did not realise what I had in my hands, so did not fully participate in the business.  When I was made redundant for the second time, it was then I realised I needed to make my business work and take it seriously.

I asked her what was so different about working for a MLM company in comparison to a corporate company?  With a wry smile on her face she responded ‘I was my own boss, I was responsible for my own business.  I was in charge of the hours I preferred to work, I was helping people to achieve their dreams by working together as a team.’ In the corporate world my life was controlled by the company I worked for.  I was beholden to someone who controlled when I wanted to take time off/vacation, or time off to look after a sick child, or penalised for health reasons.  I felt restricted – I wanted to be free to set my own course.’

So what did you do?

Well, I attended all the trainings, seminars, online webinars I listened to all the tips that were given, however I found that my business was floundering.  One of the positives though was the fact I met some very interesting people including my spiritual mentor who is now a great friend.

The company was a great vehicle for my own self development and I learnt a lot about myself.  I realised that my business was not working because of my limiting beliefs and lack of self confidence – I was self sabotaging.

I took steps to work on myself and in the process approximately 2006 I experienced a ’spiritual awakening’ (although I did not realise at the time), where I was contemplating my true purpose and looking at the spiritual aspects of my life amongst other things – by the way this took several years.  In April 2013 with the help of my spiritual mentor we worked on my limiting beliefs.  What do you mean?  ‘I mean I had to work from within, I had to release the emotional blockages from trauma I had experienced going back to my childhood into adulthood.  How could I expect my business to grow if I was disconnected from within.

You said the business was floundering – how did you turn it around?

My daughter mentioned a colleague and friend had introduced her to the Worlds Laziest Networker series of videos, which helped network marketeers learn the business by introducing skills to leaders to cascade/teach to their downline. This led on to the MKMMA course and we quickly signed up in September 2014. We were so excited, overwhelmed and nervous all at the same time.  This was to be our saving grace.

Master key Master Mind Alliance

Very interesting Julie, but what was so great about this course?

The course was amazing it was totally not what I had expected, however, it was what I needed to complement the work I had been doing with my spiritual mentor.  I had found the missing piece in my jigsaw puzzle, it was meant to be – it just flowed.  As we embarked on the course, it was fascinating how the course linked everything together via the tasks we had to complete on a weekly basis, explaining the science behind the Master Key system a system developed by Charles Haanel incorporating the Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino,  changing my old blueprint by replacing old habits with new habits. I was able to determine my true purpose in life to connect to my authentic self to serve and help others to achieve their dreams -such a light bulb moment for me. -Stop me if you feel I am rambling on.’  ‘Not at all do please carry on’ ‘Ok ‘ ….

This course exploded my business alongside another affiliated course called Go90Grow to where I am today.  It could not have come at the better time for me. The courses were hosted by Mark J and his wife the fabulous Davene and his team of certified guides and back office.  I worked hard and consistently to get my business to where it is today by teaching the skills offered by the courses to my down lines and they cascaded this to their down lines.

By August 2016 I was earning a six figure income of approximately £540,000 p.a. and built a very successful business across the 158 plus countries with Forever Living. I’ve taken my husband, family and friends to Hawaii – an island I had always dreamed of travelling to and cruised the Caribbean islands.


Before April 2018 I studied Reiki , spiritual healing and took additional courses in Spiritual counselling and mentorship. I was passionate about helping people through the process of awakening. I am very proud of what I have achieved. I wanted to set up something different, I wanted a serene calm environment where my clients could come for counselling, attend the various workshops and treat themselves to various spa treatments as well as gentle activities of yoga and tai chi.  This has always been one of my dreams which I am so proud to have achieved.  Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I have to pinch myself.  I decided to set the workshop within the grounds of my home in Pinner – purely for convenience.

In the distance within the grounds you can see what I can only describe as a beautiful elongated white bungalow surrounded by the trees.

Income and Homes

What have you accomplished from your income you earned with Forever?

I generated more than enough passive income to enable me to achieve the goals I had set for myself, so from the proceeds I bought and paid for in cash my seven bedroom home here in Pinner and a second home of 6 bedrooms in Cascais Portugal. I travelled to Portugal many years ago with my husband and fell in love with the place. I always said that our second home would be there. I also set up Trust Funds for my children/grandchildren and created a financial pot for myself and husband.  My husband is passionate about cars so as you can see we have garages for several  cars for example, Audi, Lexus and his classic VW Jetta .  The carriage drive is big enough to fit 4 to 5 cars.


We are due to travel in the next couple of days for a well deserved rest.

We have come to the end of the interview I thank Julie for opening up her home to the film crew and myself and for her warmth and hospitality.  This is a woman who had stuck to her guns throughout all types of adversity to become the success she had always dreamt of.  Connecting within had certainly paid off for Julie.

Martyn Lewis